Volume 40 (2015)


Rebekka Voß

Johann Jacob Schudt’s “Jewish Notabilia”: Historical Context and Historiographic Significance, p. 1 – 34.


I.                    Describing the “Other”: Ethnography, Hebraism and Orientalism in the Eighteenth Century


Yaacov Deutsch

Schudt and Ethnography of Jews and Judaism in the Early Modern Period, p. 37 – 46.


Stephen G. Burnett

Schudt and German Christian Hebraism, p. 47 – 61.


Ivan Kalmar

Early Orientalism and the Jews: Baroque Ethnography and Johann Jacob Schudt’s “Jewish Memorabilia”, p. 63 – 76.


II.                 Modes of Collecting and Writing Jewish History


David Schnur

Frankfurter Archivalien in den »Jüdischen Merckwürdigkeiten«: Beobachtungen zu Schudts spätmittelalterlicher Quellengrundlage und ihrer Stellung im Gesamtwerk, p. 79 – 101.


Simon Neuberg

Some Philological and Bibliographical Aspects of Yiddish Texts in Schudt,p. 103 – 114.


Maria Diemling

About Bakers, Butchers, Geese and Pigs: Food and the Negotiating of Boundaries Between Jews and Christians in Johann Jacob Schudt’s “Jüdische Merckwürdigkeiten”, p. 115 – 138.



III.               Constructing the Jewish “Other” in the Eighteenth Century


Carsten L. Wilke

From Deicide to Diaspora: The Construction of Jewish World History in Johann Jacob Schudt’s Latin Writings, p. 141 – 165.


Pavel Sládek

Early Modern Polemical Anti-Ethnographies of Jews: An Unpublished Book on Jewish Mores by the Czech Catholic Priest Karel Jugl, p. 167 – 198.


Iris Idelson-Shein

Othering from the Outside: Jews and “Race” During the Early-Modern Period, p. 199 – 219.


IV.         Contextualizing Frankfurt: Urban Jewries circa 1700


Stefan Litt, co-authored by Rahel Blum

The Situation of Frankfurt’s Jewish Community Around 1700 (16751711), p. 223 – 237.


Rachel L. Greenblatt

On Jewish Prague in the Age of Schudt’s Frankfurt: Two Jewish Towns in Celebration on the Birth of an Heir to the Habsburg Throne (1716), p. 239 – 257.


Yosef Kaplan

Amsterdam’s Jewry as Perceived by English Tourists and Other Christian Visitors in the Seventeenth Century, p. 259 – 283.


Stephan Laux

“Ersatzbürgertum” in the Wake of Confessionalization: Jews, Protestants, and French Royal Administration in Metz (16th17th Century), p. 285 – 307.


Elissa Sampson; Jonathan Boyarin

Louis Wirth and the American Image of the Frankfurt Ghetto, p. 309 – 328.


Preliminary Bibliography of Schudt’s Published Works, p. 329 – 336.



Received books, p. 337.


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