Heft 39 (2014)

Simcha Emanuel

German Sages in the Thirteenth Century: Continuity or Crisis?,

S. 1-19.


Arie Schippers

Jewish Literature as a Link Between Arabic and Romance Poetry and Narrative: The Case of ʿImmanuʾel of Rome and his Maḥbarot (Cantos), S. 21-31.


Joachim J. M. S. Yeshaya

A Hebrew Elegy by Yosef ben Tanḥum Yerushalmi on the Death of his Father and the Mamluk Conquest of Acre, S. 33-52.


Elisabeth Hollender

Italian and Ashkenazic Ofanim: Forms and Content Models,

S. 53-68.


Wout van Bekkum; Shinichi Yamamoto

“The Prophet Nathan has Come, with Shabbetay Ṣvi”: An Unknown Praise Poem from the Days of Early Sabbateanism,

S. 69-81.


Riikka Tuori

Defining Karaite Faith in Early Nineteenth-Century Europe: A Poem on the Five Principles of Faith, S. 83-101.


Cyril Aslanov

How Jewish are Jewish Languages?, S. 103-119.


Rezensionen, S. 121-131.



Eingegangene Bücher, S. 133-134.

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